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Day by day people is using more and more gadgets thereby increasing the usage of technology and tools. So to develop imaginary software or app into a real one, the process is passing through a different phase of development. When the Software or app is ready, it goes to the testing phase before its delivery to the end user.

Why do we need testing and quality assurance services from HyraxWeb?

Every small or big project require testing and quality assurance service for various reasons such as:

  • It ensures customers for their exceptional products services
  • Testing and Quality assurance services help you to build trust and loyalty to end users.
  • It shows their abilities to meet real expectation app and needs an app.
  • It helps you to the analysed defeat of software or app from occurring in advance and this will help you in cost reduction by improving work process and efficiency.

At HyraxWeb we provide end-to-end testing and quality assurance services to help our clients in their business and services. We have an expert team of testing and quality assurance, which help client businesses to gain probability to achieve their final goal.

Thereby our testing and quality assurance services help in increasing performance and considerably reducing the cost of testing and achieving better ROI. We try to reduce our client’s technical and business risk to a minimum by using custom-designed quality assurance frameworks and adapting modern and latest methodologies.

Different types of Software/App Testing and Quality Assurance Services available at HyraxWeb

  • Acceptance testing is the phase of testing where we determine up to what degree a web application development or mobile application development meets our end users' expectations and approvals. It varies from business to organization.

  • As the name suggests usability testing, is done before the user interacts with our developed software or mobile app. In short, we came to know how real users interact with our mobile app or website. So we can modify our result based on this testing.

  • Automated tests are done by using machines and tools to make processes run on their own without any human effort. The best example of an automated test is when you want to run any long process on your website with huge traffic you can test it by using different scripted languages to check to perform on different devices. You came to know how any application or website handles huge traffic along with a long process.

  • Unit, integration, and functional testing are major components of website or application testing. Unit testing involves testing with the individual model, integration test verifying that different module is working together as a unit, and functional testing to assure that the system works as it is supposed to or not.

  • Penetration and security testing is an authorized simulated attack on a system to check the advanced website or application security.


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